Oct 20, 2013

The far reaches of fly fishing, Aleutian Peninsula, Alaska

Aleutian Peninsula, Alaska

In September 2013 I was fortunate to fish with Aleutian Adventures on the Hoodoo River and a couple of coastal creeks. We fished for silver salmon aka Coho, using a variety of gear and techniques. The Hoodoo is a decent sized river that has easy wading with sandy or gravel bottom. The coastal creeks were smaller in scale and dumped directly into the Bering Sea. We fished where you could see and hear the ocean as well as explored upstream. The tidewater fishing on the lower reaches was very special. I fished a floating line with a 12’ leader, while others fished with a sink tip. The floater had the advantage of the fly not stalling out in soft water.

The far reaches of fly fishing...
If you have fished for Coho, you know that the bite goes on and off. Sometimes changing your fly pattern, depth or speed will elicit more action. When the bite was on fishing the swing with a slow or sometimes fast retrieve were very effective. Fishing the shallow water that was 3’ or less we would have bow wakes coming at the fly, followed by a big grab. No nibbling!

The rods I used were Sage Switchers in 6 and 7 weight with Skagit short lines and sink tips ranging from T-14 to MOW medium 7 ½ foot sinking. Also used were Sage 10’ 8 wt with floating line and 9’ 7wt with floating line.

Jerry Swanson: Fish Head Expeditions
The season is mid June into July for Kings. The Coho fishing begins in August and goes into October.
The Steelhead fishing starts in mid September and goes into mid October or when the weather closes it out. They take 6 anglers per week. This is not a steelhead destination, but more of a bonus. Quite the bonus though.

Please email or call for more information. The program is evolving for next season with a charter flight from Anchorage in the works and some additions to the fishing program.

Jerry Swanson
Fish Head Expeditions, LLC

Update: Jerry is hosting an Aleutian King trip on the week of July 5-12 in 2014 and there will be Rainbow fishing as a bonus. This is a great opportunity to experience a trip of a lifetime and have an added benefit of joining an experienced and accomplished host.

"Fly Fish the World with Us"

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