Sep 8, 2013

Gabes Review: Airflo Super Dri Elite Trout

I paired the Airflo Super Dri Elite, with my 5 weight Sage Launch.

Pros: This line glided through my guides like melting butter. I felt like I could cast into my backing. It has a firm but forgiving stiffness, that allowed for great fish fighting power. When casting, it laid out a very straight landing. For stripping it was very smooth feeling. It didn’t burn me when striping while setting the hook on big fish.

Cons: There really is not too much to complain about with this line. One thing that I noticed about it was when nymphing with a strike indicator, that extra drag made the tip of the line sink under the surface. This made it a little difficult to get a good hook set.

This line really seemed to be the all around performance line. I also got to fish some still water with it stripping heavy leach patterns, it performed outstandingly. I would definitely get this line if you were looking for a line that will get the job done for just about every freshwater fishery that you could think of. From short casting tiny dry flies to spring creek trout, or ripping a big streamer through deep dark hole’s for monster browns, this line will make your eyes grow!


Greg Darling explaining the confusion with the Airflo Super Dri Elite line color.

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