Aug 27, 2014

Smith Optics Lens Cheat Sheet by George Cook

Are you heading out on a new adventure but are lost trying to figure out which lens to choose? Below you will find a quick reference users guide to SMITH Lense selections for the local, regional, and globetrotting angler.

Polarchromic Copper Lens


Most popular lens in the country, equally at home on a sunny western trout stream or a bonefish flat. A can’t miss late spring through mid-fall choice.

Polarchromic Mirror Lens


Copper tint with a subtle silver flash coating. Polarchromic Copper’s “cool guy” cousin. Allows you to glare without conflict at Low-Holers. 

Polarchromic Ignitor Lens


This baby came to us from the ski goggle game and might be the single best all purpose lens in the pacific northwest. Good choice for saltwater as well as bonefish flats or offshore.

Polarchromic Amber Lens


Historical choice of Guides near and far. Commonly found on the Alaskan guide clan to the bonefish polers of South Andros. Single best bonefish flats lens of all time. Excels in low light as well as contrast required situations (Flats Bonefish).

Polarized Green Mirror Brown Lens


A lesser known but fabulous choice for the all-around Western Angler. Provides great contrast in bright conditions yet still in the game come rain.

Low-Light Ignitor Lens


Awesome, Game Changer, Breakthrough Lens. We could go on and on. Any angler from the California Delta to the Yukon Delta of Alaska should have a pair of these. Simply unrivaled for the typical cloudy, and dreary West Coast, BC, and Alaska conditions. Remember to take this one on your next bonefish trip if cloud cover strikes upon you, this is your best bet to stay in the game.

ChromaPop Polarized
Brown Lens


The most visually stimulating lens in the world.  Patented polarization and color management technology creates incredible clarity that straight up performs for today’s angler in both fresh and saltwater environments.

Polarized Blue Mirror-Gray Lens


Baja Roosters, Costa Rica Sailfish, Key West TIKI Bars, Laguna Beach Walk-About’s.  Look Cool, Be Cool, and Battle Behemoth’s with the ultimate in true color vision.

ChromaPop Polarchromic
Ignitor Lens


With CHROMA-POP colors become more vivid, with exceptional clarity and contrast.  Shifting light environments are brought back into focus with this stellar edition.

George Cook
Smith Optics Rep.

Gorge Fly Shop Smith Optics Selection

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Aug 21, 2014

John Garrett's Guide to Early Season Steelheading on the Klickitat

John Garret: Klickitat Steelhead River Canyon
The scenery in the upper Klickitat Canyon is without a doubt stunning.
One only needs to experience its breathtaking beauty to agree.


In Washington State there’s a river that is somewhat unique in that it’s not open on a year round basis, it’s actually only open from June 1st until the end of November for steelhead fishing. Another unique thing about the Klickitat is that it’s a glacier fed river and what that means is that it will commonly run with color in it. When you have a string of days where the temperature is in the 90’s and it stays warm in the evenings, the river will cycle and if it continues for too long, blow out. These variables make it hard to “dial in” the Klickitat River. Keeping that in mind, often times folks will remark that the Klickitat is out of shape or unfishable. Well that’s true, but to a degree. In other words, until there is less than ten inches of visibility (and I have hooked steelhead on the swing with a Scandi line with only 10” of visibility) it is totally fishable.

Fishable? What’s that mean? We typically look down into the river and gauge “visibility” on how deep into the water we can see something, whether it’s a fly, the toe of you wading boots, or an actual measuring stick. Often times this is a great way to have an accurate measurement from our view point, but it’s totally inaccurate on the fishes viewpoint. We are looking down into the colored water and against the dark backdrop of the river bottom whereas the fish are looking upward into the light from the sun, which intensifies the silhouette of your fly. Their visibility (I would guess) is possibly double, if not more, of what ours would be. I can’t back that by science but I can back it by logic and underwater video footage. If you would like visual reference to this information, take a look at the DVD Skagit Master 3 if you haven’t already done so, if you need a copy you can pick one up from the Gorge Fly Shop. You can get a quick visual of what I’m talking about in the YouTube clip below. There’s lots of underwater footage of what flies look like under different river conditions. Not only will you learn about a fish’s point of view but you will also learn some valuable insight on fly selections under those conditions, helping to set your mind at ease when it comes to choosing which fly to swing and deciding on weather a river is fishable or not.

Aug 20, 2014

Guaranteed Love by G. Loomis

Now that's Love

It's Hard not to love a great fly rod! G. Loomis has a lot of great rods you can easily find the love with. NRX, Pro4x and GLX just to name a few. G. Loomis is so absolutely sure that you will love their rods they are going to guarantee it. No Joke! Just a full money back within 30 days of purchase for any reason you are unhappy with your new G. Loomis rod. 

Read the Details - 

We’re easy to fall in love with! Guaranteed Love only from G.Loomis –

Guaranteed Love by G. Loomis is a one of a kind program that gives you, an angler that wants to fish with the best, the confidence to buy a G. Loomis rod with no hesitation. We know you will be so hooked on your new rod we actually guarantee you will love it!
Visit any participating G. Loomis dealer and take home a new G. Loomis rod.
Try it for 30 days and enjoy the experience of holding a rod designed by experts and handcrafted in Woodland, Washington. Test the feel in your hand, experience the balance, and get to know the lightweight blank. Let it become an extension of your arm; make a few casts, fight a few fish, and enjoy a few envious looks. That always seems to happen when you are hand in hand with the love of your life.

Aug 16, 2014

Build your own "Custom Abel Reel"

Build your dream reel. 

We made it easy! O.K. Abel made it easy but the power is now in your hands. You now have the control (ability) to build your own custom, American Made Abel Reel. 

Build your own Abel Reel online with the Abel Build Your Own Reel Software in partnership with Gorge Fly Shop, by using this link. See it as you build it and order it direct from Abel exactly the way you want it. Just follow the link and start building!


Aug 14, 2014

Fishing with Dogs

Hendrix the Fishing Dog

Fishermen love their dogs, and despite our passion for our fishing dogs, it’s not always the best idea to take them on the river with us.  The Deschutes River seems like a perfect place for a fisherman to take his/her dog fishing for a day or two of summer Steelheading.  The trail is easy to hike or bike, the river is generally not too fast or turbulent if your dog wants to take a little swim, but there are plenty of dangers that could make an unpleasant experience for you and your little buddy. 

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